Enabling True Collaboration with VisiLean

VisiLean for all Project Stakeholders

Construction projects comprise of many stakeholders; from Clients who initiate the project and define the requirement, to Architects and Designers who give this vision a form, to finally all the expert Consultants and Contractors who help in the physical realisation of this vision.

At VisiLean, we strive towards simplifying construction workflows – removing complications and hurdles that disrupt the flow of information and improve the communication between all stakeholders of the projects. With this, it is essential to have all the stakeholders on a common platform, rather than being updated through multiple channels.

But this is just the beginning. Having all stakeholders in on one platform should be beneficial to each of their individual requirements, rather than a forced fit. This implies that individual workflows should be catered to, while also allowing for an overall workflow at the project level to operate.

Keeping this in mind, VisiLean offers some systematic tools, aligned with proven Lean processes to ensure that all your teams can truly collaborate on one single platform.

All Teams on one Platform

With VisiLean, you can create multiple organisations, or simply, Teams, as per your choice and project workflow. This gives you the power to categorise and filter planning, monitoring, as well as performance review accordingly. You could have your Designers and Consultants added to the platform, along with your execution teams, for seamless communication.

VisiLean for all Project Stakeholders_Infographic

VisiLean for Production Planning and Management

At its core, VisiLean is designed to address the core building blocks of any project, i.e. production planning and monitoring. Dedicated to addressing the fundamentals of construction management, VisiLean equips execution teams with the right set of tools and workflows to plan collaboratively, provide progress updates with ease, and monitor the progress in real-time through a visually powerful communication platform.

VisiLean for Design Workflows

Design is considered an integral part of production, and to ensure the requirements of Design teams are met, tasks related to design, drawings, BIM modeling, and related deliverables as dedicated Design Tasks are supported on VisiLean. In this way, you can cater to complete design workflows for your teams to coordinate internally.

Further, the system offers a dedicated BIM viewer for design teams to collaborate with execution teams over project visualisation. This allows for the integration of design and execution on a single system, ensuring clarity in terms of addressing the prerequisites to Tasks that need to be executed on-site.

VisiLean for Performance Review

Every element of the system has been designed to offer clear filtered data, highlighting critical information that you require to improve your project performance and address the pain points. Further, to minimise waste in terms of data feeding and manual updates, the system offers a platform to review project updates in real-time. This allows for Clients, and other Project Management Consultants to be added to the project to easily review the project status, without having to wait for the next email from site.

Seamless Communication

With dedicated sections for Notes and Files, teams can easily communicate on VisiLean. With the power to attach files, drawings, and pictures, as well as sending dedicated notes with the capability to tag users, your teams can skip communication through various other platforms that cannot be formally documented or even retrieved at a later stage. With VisiLean, all this transfer of information is recorded at one single location, directly linked to the Task being addressed.

Picture this; you have a Task under execution that the team on-site has just realised is showing inaccurate dimensions in the drawing. The last planner can simply send a note to the respective package manager and Tag the relevant member from the Design team as well, for further action on this matter. With VisiLean, you truly have uninterrupted access and seamless flow of information across your project team.

Access Control

With all this information on one system, you might wonder how one would control the access amongst all the teams. Of course, we understand and respect that certain information has to be controlled. Various user roles are available on the system to clearly define access control on VisiLean.

True Collaboration

With true collaboration and clear performance review, teams can easily come together to focus on corrective action towards continuous improvement, rather than wasting critical time in manual information flow, data feeding, and reporting. True collaboration enables proactive actions that help you to complete your project on time rather than reactive firefighting.

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