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It is time to go beyond BIM

How do you enable a successful digitalisation?

Not knowing how to effectively adopt BIM has led to ad-hoc implementation across organisations. While teams continue to adopt a silo-based approach, true benefits are rarely ever realised for projects in the industry. Project teams lack the know-how to adopt a strategic approach to implementation. This leads to basic issues that cause immense rework and […]

The Digital Revival of Construction – Upcoming Industry Trends

The Digital Revival of Construction

Going digital doesn’t necessarily mean your project site will be full of flying drones and robots walking around. In all probability, most sites will still look very much the same from the outside, as today
What will change with digitalisation, however, is the way information is transmitted across your teams, and how you use that to plan, monitor, and deliver your project!

Enabling True Collaboration with VisiLean

VisiLean for all Project Stakeholders

Construction projects comprise of many stakeholders; from Clients who initiate the project and define the requirement, to Architects and Designers who give this vision a form, to finally all the expert Consultants and Contractors who help in the physical realisation of this vision. At VisiLean, we strive towards simplifying construction workflows – removing complications and […]

Managing Constraints, rather than Problems (Proactive vs Reactive approach)

Constraint Management with VisiLean

Anyone who has worked on a construction project knows about the constant “fire fighting” the team has to put up with. Every day brings new challenges posed through uncertainty that has seemingly emerged out of nowhere. However, the lean production principles and the method of “pull planning” teaches us that if we address the “constraints” […]

Digitalisation: 5 Key factors for transforming project delivery

Digitalisation: 5 Key factors for transforming project delivery

With everyone emphasising on the importance of digitalisation today, are we really sure of what it entails to successfully transition into a digital mode of construction project delivery? Challenging times for the industry Even before the global lockdown, the industry was feeling the pinch. Construction News posted an article stating 22 construction firms in the […]