Beyond Bricks and Mortar: 2023’s Construction Revolution

Explore the construction revolution of 2023, from sustainability to workforce challenges, and how VisiLean's solutions drive innovation.
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Beyond Bricks and Mortar: 2023’s Construction Revolution

The construction industry has not only weathered challenges but has also emerged stronger and more innovative at the end of 2023. As we waved farewell, it’s time to reflect on the dynamic year that it has been for the industry. From sustainability to technology, the construction sector has laid the groundwork for a future that is both progressive and transformative. In this blog, we will explore the trends and achievements that have left a lasting impact on the landscape of construction. 

1. Sustainable Construction 

Construction projects in execution comprise of a significant number of non-value- adding activities. It leads to overconsumption of materials, energy and leads to the depletion of the natural resources which impact the environment. To address the issue, the industry must take steps towards in-depth project planning for reducing redundant activities from the plan. Additionally, any potential constraints for the upcoming week, must be identified and resolved in advance to mark the work ready for execution. Efficient execution of projects will ultimately lead to sustainable development of the construction projects. VisiLean is based on the Last Planner System and imbibes lean principles in the construction workflow. The platform helps in optimising the processes for yielding long-term savings on cost overruns during the execution phase in the projects. 

2. Harnessing BIM for Construction Excellence 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is primarily used for design, facility management, construction, and numerous other engineering purposes. When it’s accessible from both desktop and mobile app, it makes the visualisation convenient not just while the construction work is being planned, but also during execution. On VisiLean, BIM is no longer just for the design aesthetics in 3D format. It empowers the execution team to plan and execute projects more effectively in dynamic 4D environments. With VisiLean’s BIM integration, trades can visualise space and element-based clashes based on their production plans each week. With real-time updates from the site using VisiLean LiveSite, construction managers can visually track progress directly in the 4D BIM models. VisiLean users reported a clearer understanding of the critical issues and other bottlenecks such as the availability of space so that it can be dealt with and accounted for overall construction progress in 2023. 

3. Marvels of Modular and Prefabricated Construction

Research suggests that manufacturing, construction and building sectors account for 17% and 4% of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) alone. Modular and prefabricated construction is manufacturing of structures in a controlled environment while their assembly happens at site. It benefits construction sites with space availability, workers safety, minimising material waste as well as reduction in caron footprint. VisiLean is a Lean and BIM integrated platform that helps in coordinating the offsite manufacturing of various components and fabrication with onsite construction on a single integrated platform. This resulted in qualitative construction with hefty savings on materials which streamlined construction projects.

4. Increasing Workforce Shortage 

While labour market has been quite tight year by year, 2023 also witnessed increasing shortage of skilled workforce. The construction industry is under a lot of pressure to employ qualified workforce and also retain them. It has made renowned companies rethink their employment strategies. To win against the talent war, it is important to maximise your existing talent and focus on upskilling it with the ongoing trends in the market. Amidst this talent war, embracing technology emerges as a powerful ally. VisiLean has been playing a significant role in reshaping the construction workforce landscape. A single source of truth plays a remarkable role in collaboration, automating tasks, aligning it with lean principles, and ultimately leading to more efficient resource allocation. By digitalising manual processes, it optimises resource allocation and also helps in mitigating the impact of workforce shortages.

5. Rising Share of Global Construction Management Software Market

The existing complexities in the development of projects have increased the adoption of construction management software across the globe. As per the reports published by the global Construction Management Software market rose to USD 2208.3 million in 2023. The need for digitalisation bolstered by government initiatives, has readjusted the market size for 2030 to be USD 6343.3 million. With technological advancements happening at the front and the back, it is important to do a reality check (pun intended) to ascertain if our fundamentals are on-track to support it. VisiLean as a cloud-based construction management software, prioritises on aligning your processes, tools for a more integrated and collaborative construction plan. This adds long term benefits on projects with transparency and clarity in the processes. It helps in easy handovers to accelerate productivity on construction sites.

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In an industry that is often deemed as resistant and backward, VisiLean lays a strong foundation by acknowledging the unique challenges in construction. The platform tailored to the needs of the projects helps in breaking silos. It stands the test of time and emerges as an adaptable and innovative production management solution. As the construction industry forges ahead, the lessons and achievements of 2023 promise a progressive and transformative future. The combination of sustainable practices, technological advancements, and a focus on workforce development positions the industry to embrace opportunities on the horizon in the year 2024. 


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