VisiLean’s 2023 Highlights: Success & Future

VisiLean's 2023 Highlights
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VisiLean’s 2023 Highlights: Success & Future

In the dynamic world of construction, every project is a complex puzzle of timelines, resources, and stakeholders. The need for innovation and efficiency is critical for construction management solutions. VisiLean’s 2023 highlights included introducing groundbreaking features for product enhancements and collaborating with industry leaders in the construction landscape. This has not only transformed the way projects were managed but also reshaped the very fabric of construction practices. These remarkable milestones and achievements from last year have been documented as under-

January- Embedded reports on the mobile app LiveSite!

This month, we made the benefits of embedded reports accessible not only on our web-based platform but also on VisiLean’s mobile application, LiveSite. This significant improvement projects the graphical representation of your customised dashboards, wherever you are!  No more viewing the performance of our entire project scale only on the web when VisiLean LiveSite brings them to you through the customised dashboards embedded within your phone!

February- VisiLean’s role in the expansion of Heathrow Airport with Mace

In February, VisiLean celebrated the success story of our work with Mace at the Heathrow Airport. Our case study highlights how VisiLean as a project management tool became the linchpin to navigate the complexities of the multiple airport expansion projects at Heathrow. The implementation of VisiLean as an integrated solution streamlined their planning and coordination processes, minimising the hours spent from 20 to 8 hours per week.

March- Partnering with NICMAR University, India

March brought along the signing of an MoU between VisiLean and NICMAR University. This institution in Pune promotes sustainability, embraces enterprising values and produces industry-ready professionals for the built environment. This collaboration promised advanced research in the field of Lean Construction and BIM. VisiLean as a construction management software has its firm roots in academia. With this memorandum, we flipped a new chapter in qualitative innovation in the construction, real estate, infrastructure, and project management industry.

April- VisiLean’s breakthrough in Takt Planning

In April 2023, VisiLean was deep into its comprehensive research into Takt Planning. This laid its foundation into our Lean-BIM integrated construction management solution. VisiLean’s introduction of Takt Planning and Control into the system is in line with Lean-principles of visual management. We harnessed the significance of Takt Planning in achieving consistent flow and rhythm in construction projects. It further enhanced our existing suite of offerings for production management.

May- VisiLean shines at Digital Construction Week

In this month, we tied our networking shoes tight and attended the Digital Construction Week (DCW) in ExCel London. This event is a melting pot for various companies from architecture, design, construction, engineering, and operations. Our booth was lively wherein our team presented multiple live demonstrations of our production management tool and mobile app, LiveSite. It was very fruitful for us to attend DCW and deeply engage with future prospects as well as our existing clients while demonstrating VisiLean’s innovative solutions firsthand.

June- Presenting our Research Paper at IGLC 2023 

VisiLean is among the founding members of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). The year 2023 marked the 31st annual conference which was held in in Lille, France. Paramjit Singh Lota presented the paper titled “Framework of Interaction Between ICT, Process, and People in Construction: A Case Study” co-authored by himself, Vijayashree TM, and Bhargav Dave. It initiated conversations among experts from academia and business about implementation of lean construction in practice and improving the construction processes.

July- Enhancing transparency to the Auto-Schedule Mode

In this month, we brought transparency to the Auto-Schedule Mode. This mode now sheds light on all potential upcoming tasks that are impacted because of any delays or early completions in the execution schedule. With this upgrade to the VisiLean platform, nothing is left to wonder about the ripple effects on the altered project plan. A detailed dialog box would now pop up with the activities highlighted to confirm the impact it will have on the overall project. The advantage of Impact Log in Auto-Schedule Mode offers a whole new level of project clarity and control.

August- Receiving the prestigious award at the GeoSmart Infrastructure Conference

The GeoSmart Infrastructure Conference was held in the month of August in New Delhi, India. This event upheld in-depth discussions on the use of innovative technologies for strong and sustainable infrastructure of the country. In this conference, VisiLean got a prestigious recognition and was awarded for ‘Innovation in Sustainable Construction‘. This award is a reflection on our tireless efforts towards sustainable practices through efficient execution of construction projects. The trophy stands as our daily reminder for removing waste from the construction processes.

September- Integration with Procore for Document Management and Project Execution

At VisiLean, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuously upgrading the platform with more user-friendly features. Our users have access to the latest tools and innovations to optimise project management processes. One of those upgrades was VisiLean’s integration with Procore in September. This collaboration allows the project administrators to activate a seamless flow of data between the platform and VisiLean. With this integration, users can directly upload their files and photographs from the Procore account directly into VisiLean tasks. While the data transfer happens to and fro, every file transfer is meticulously recorded in the detailed history log of VisiLean for transparency. This ensures streamlined workflows, enhanced teamwork, and an optimised outcome for the entire project. 

October- VisiLean wins accolade at the Building Innovation Awards

During this month, we’re recognised as the “Most Innovative Construction Startup” at the prestigious Building Innovation Awards held in Manchester. This recognition celebrated our research journey coming full circle for our co-founders, who started their research and careers in Manchester. Our CEO, Dr. Bhargav Dave, did his PhD at The University of Salford where he met our CTO Stefan Boddy, while working on the research projects that eventually led to VisiLean. This accolade not only reflects our dedication and hard work but also stands as a testament to the incredible support of our customers, mentors, and the entire VisiLean community.

November- Releasing our all-new Takt Module

November had a tremendous impact on our software capabilities. VisiLean’s introduction of Takt Planning empowers the spatial capabilities of the project and find its realistic beat or rhythm. This rhythm signifies repeatable sequences built by arranging work packages closely together in wagons. These wagons then build a train and travel across different zones on the basis of package requirements as well as quantum of work. Buffer wagons are strategically placed to accommodate unfinished work, thereby ensuring continuous flow. Any project with or without repeatable tasks can leverage Takt Planning on VisiLean to eliminate resource fluctuation and instill uniformity in the entire project.

December- Celebrating VisiLean’s Foundation Day

The curtains might have been drawn to the year 2023 but VisiLean is poised to continuously shape the future of construction management, one milestone at a time. With a focus on empowering our users to build confidently with VisiLean, we step into 2024, driven by the same passion for innovation and collaboration. Our vision for this year includes delving deep into our cloud-based solution, fostering industry partnerships while empowering builders of all sizes.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to building a brighter future for the construction industry, together! 

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