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A note of care for the industry from VisiLean

Covid - 19

Covid-19 has created a global chaos, affecting lives of billions of people. While the construction industry certainly did not need a new challenge, it is undeniably having to deal with one. Construction projects are working at reduced capacity and majority of personnel are being forced to work from home. While many large organisations which already […]

Dynamic Gantt

Dynamic Gantt

Project Plans on VisiLean are never static; Tasks are updated live by your project team directly from the site using the VisiLean Mobile App. These updates are reflected in real-time, 24×7 in the Gantt view on VisiLean, for you to track your project in complete transparency. Visual Management Tasks on VisiLean are represented by specific […]

The Bakeri Group signs VisiLean as their Digital Construction Management Platform

The Bakeri Group Set up in 1959, the Bakeri Group is one of the oldest and most trusted real estate companies in India. With their foundations deeply rooted in trust, transparency, and ethical practices, the Bakeri Group has developed more than 25 million sq. ft. of plotted development & 17 million sq. ft. of constructed […]

ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC. (ALEC) has signed an enterprise agreement with VisiLean to strengthen its position as an innovative construction leader in UAE and to ensure partnership with one of the best software solutions available. ALEC has entered into an enterprise agreement for five of its current projects, with the intention to roll out […]

Challenging times for the UK Construction Industry

Challenging times for the UK Construction Industry

Everywhere you look across London, major cities and towns you will notice cranes and scaffolding. Construction looks like its blooming, but is it really as good as it looks? Industry-level collapse Construction companies in the UK are entering administration at an alarming rate, with recent reports from Construction News stating as many as 22 firms […]

Uniting the top-down and bottom-up approaches to planning

uniting the top-down & bottom-up approaches to planning

Traditionally, planning for construction projects follows a top-down approach, where a milestone plan drives a master schedule to achieve the target completion date. This plan is pushed down to the site level to dictate the timeline for execution activities. All this planning is generally supported by resource and productivity assumptions, emphasizing the word “assumptions” here. In our […]

VisiLean – A Construction Management solution for all project types

Benefits to contractors and subcontractors

VisiLean is a digital solution that everyone can access to make planning and execution of construction projects easier. Our cloud-based platform is compatible to cater all types of projects ranging from industrial buildings, multifamily developments, highway projects and commercial structures. We believe that construction teams from supervisors to project managers deserve the best of both […]

Production management system supporting LEAN and BIM

lean and Bim

The worst nightmare for any project management professional is to let their project become a black-hole which consumes endless time and tons of money. The construction industry is facing new threats and challenges pertaining to efficient project delivery. Accordingly, all construction businesses are seeking a magic wand which can transform the predictability and stability for […]

BIM in VisiLean

BIM in visilean

Visilean’s BIM view is an elegant illustration of visual communication for construction projects. The most simplified ways of digitally representing activities (tasks or events). The view is a highlight of our system due to its uniqueness of visualising work status through colours. It was developed so that your teams not only envision what the end […]

Scheduler In VisiLean

Scheduler in Visilean

Our scheduler view is one of a kind view that allows teams to refine their master level schedules into detailed schedules collaboratively. This view automatically converts every task in the Gantt into the digital tickets.  Though these tickets are just digital representation of sticky notes, still they offer many details namely makeready details, locations, the […]