Dynamic Gantt

Dynamic Gantt

Project Plans on VisiLean are never static; Tasks are updated live by your project team directly from the site using the VisiLean Mobile App. These updates are reflected in real-time, 24×7 in the Gantt view on VisiLean, for you to track your project in complete transparency.

Visual Management

Tasks on VisiLean are represented by specific colours, which represent their live status at that exact moment. This makes it convenient for project teams to visualise the condition of activities on site, simply at a glance.

Customise your Gantt

Choose the information you wish to see, by customising the Gantt view according to your exact requirements. From Actual Duration to Task Status and Type, there’s an exhaustive list of columns for you to select from as per your specific need.

Progress Review on VisiLean

You can compare the Planned duration of your Tasks against the Actual duration executed by your project team on site on VisiLean. The system allows you to visualise this in the Gantt view simply at the click of a button! Similarly, you can do a review of your Baseline dates, as well as visualise the project Critical Path.

Add or Create New Tasks

Once a plan is uploaded on VisiLean, the system offers a dynamic platform by allowing you to Add New Tasks to the existing plan. This can be achieved either by manually creating a New Task, or by importing a micro-level plan under any Task as an in-line import.

Modify your Tasks

You can Split Tasks which are extending beyond your production week plan to ensure that only manageable Tasks are accepted which can be committed to with assurance.
In case you anticipate a delay in the start or end date of a task, you can Re-schedule it directly on the system, providing an adequate reason for the change.
The system also allows you to Delete Tasks that have no relevance to the Plan anymore.

System Interoperability

The system offers interoperability with your scheduling software; apart from importing project plans and allowing for in-line imports, you can export the updated project plans as well from VisiLean for further operations.