COVID-19: Managing Safe Distancing on-site

COVID-19: Managing Safe Distancing on-site

Amidst the chaos of COVID – 19 that has disrupted the entire world, construction has also been hit hard, with new challenges to continue work on-site. Majority of construction projects have been put on hold or are working with uncertainty due to the safe working guidelines imposed by several authorities globally.

Safety vs Planning

While new safety protocols can cover standard requirements, a dedicated production plan is required for ensuring the right distribution of workforce across the project site. Workforce, as originally required, compared to workforce feasible with new guidelines needs to be thoroughly reviewed before releasing teams for any work on-site.

Safe Distancing on-site with VisiLean

With worker proximity restricted to 2 meters as defined in most guidelines, the number of workers that can be accommodated in a location is effectively reduced. Considering this VisiLean has developed a radical enhancement to its production management service that now allows you to plan and track the on-site workforce to ensure safe practices while operating sites during this global pandemic.

Dr. Bhargav Dave, Founder and CEO at VisiLean states;

This feature has been designed to ensure that the construction industry can become operational as soon as possible to minimize the impact on livelihood of thousands of workers around the world.

Location-based Planning of Workforce

Though there are many other sensor-based solutions out there, VisiLean is the only one that lets you build a plan that will prevent your teams from exceeding the safe density limit for a given location.

Maximum number of workers can be defined per location, along with a safety limit. You can review the workforce at both the location, as well as task level, against the total permissible strength defined.

Real-time Alerts

Teams on-site will be able to review the planned workforce and provide real-time updates of the actual strength directly using the VisiLean Mobile App. Coloured boxes on the project Dashboard will immediately alert the team of any potential risks with respect to worker density at any location on-site, both in terms of planning as well as actual numbers.

Kevin McHugh, Associate Director at Mace Technologies Ireland said;

As a responsible contractor, safety is of utmost importance to us. Given the current situation with COVID-19, we needed a way to ensure that we can manage the site safely for not just our own workers but also the subcontractors. This new feature will let us plan and track workers by each location to maintain safe distancing.