Off-site Production Management with VisiLean

Off-site Production Management with VisiLean

Construction has taken a huge hit in the current global COVID – 19 scenario. Being a labour-intensive field traditionally, the restrictions imposed on mobility across the globe has positioned a huge speed-bump for the industry. Even with managing the safety of workers to site, social distancing norms make it extremely difficult to execute work as we have known it.

Off-site Production

We are all familiar with pre-fabrication and modular construction; off-site manufacturing of elements which are then transported to the site and installed. With closed environments offered by off-site manufacturing units, a lot more control can be defined in terms of safety and quality practices. Management of personnel can become a lot more convenient.

Higher Reliability

A lot more time and thought is spent by teams in designing and planning the product before releasing it into production. With the current scenario offering high uncertainty, teams need some sense of assurance to accurately map out possible constraints in the look-ahead plan.

Change in Project Delivery

For a number of us in the industry right now, a complete change in project delivery might seem absurd.

What is more effective? Holding off production or taking it off-site?

It might be worth our while to review status quo and see the potential to include off-site production, even if in small parts. Off-site production has proven track record in terms of better safety and quality, offering considerable value in terms of time and cost saving.

Production Management with VisiLean

VisiLean offers a defined lean production management workflow to coordinate production off-site with real-time updates directly from the App. Management can review production status directly on the browser, as well as monitor production status and performance through the live Dashboard.

Do you want to maintain the quality of output or compromise your production?

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