Design Workflow on VisiLean

Design Workflow on VisiLean

Managing production on construction sites can be a huge challenge. With VisiLean implemented across many projects to improve efficiencies, we are excited to announce that VisiLean can now tackle design workflows as well, making it a truly integrated production management platform!

Design Tasks

Dedicated towards catering to design related activities for coordination between project teams, the system allows you to establish a design-delivery workflow which can help project teams in both the design development, as well as the execution phase of the project.

An Integrated Lean Platform

With this, VisiLean now enables teams to practice an integrated lean project delivery model, where the design concepts can be aligned with project definition, capturing the customer’s requirements accurately. Enabling conversations between stakeholders is necessary for minimisation of waste and value-loss. A common platform for collaboration ensures that design teams can talk to each other, as well as coordinate with external consultants and execution teams as well. This implies that product and process design are developed in sync, ensuring reduced rework during later stages of project delivery.

Lean Project Delivery Workflow

As part of this design workflow, you can now import a dedicated design schedule both at a master plan level and for short term planning for managing the entire workflow of design development; from conceptualisation to as-built stage. Your design teams now become a part of the same platform, enabling ease of assignment and handover between teams of varying disciplines. Tasks, such as generation of Good for Construction drawings, can now be perfectly aligned with your existing workflow for execution activities.

With VisiLean, you can transition towards a Lean Project Delivery System, by having a single platform for both your design, as well as execution teams to collaborate on, considerably improving the flow of information and handovers.

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