A note of care for the industry from VisiLean

Covid - 19

Covid-19 has created a global chaos, affecting lives of billions of people. While the construction industry certainly did not need a new challenge, it is undeniably having to deal with one. Construction projects are working at reduced capacity and majority of personnel are being forced to work from home.

While many large organisations which already have well organised working from home policies, many SMEs are probably having to deal with this kind of process change for the first time. Whether the teams are big or small, collaboration and communication are key to project’s success and there lies the biggest challenge.

However, this is also an opportunity for organisations to start utilising digital collaboration tools to better manage construction projects. The closer the solution in supporting human collaboration and production management the better it is in helping to mitigate delays and tackle uncertainty.

With that in mind, VisiLean would like to lend a helping hand to any SME who is struggling to cope with the sudden changes and uncertain economic outlook. If any SME wishes to make use of our digital collaboration tools which have already proven to save above 40% production time on construction projects, please get in touch and we would help you get going in no time.