The Bakeri Group signs VisiLean as their Digital Construction Management Platform

The Bakeri Group

Set up in 1959, the Bakeri Group is one of the oldest and most trusted real estate companies in India. With their foundations deeply rooted in trust, transparency, and ethical practices, the Bakeri Group has developed more than 25 million sq. ft. of plotted development & 17 million sq. ft. of constructed properties with exceptional infrastructural space which has created noteworthy landmarks in Ahmedabad.

The move towards Digitalisation

Continuing with their excellent track-record and keeping-up with the complexities of new-age projects, the Bakeri Group has signed up VisiLean Ltd. as their preferred solution for construction project management. With VisiLean, the Bakeri Group is now taking their technological advancement in project delivery to the next level; digitalising the entire process of construction management, monitoring and tracking of execution on site.

This successful relationship was born out of a genuine need to innovate, culminating in a pilot project. With support from the VisiLean team, the Bakeri Group was able to realise the benefits offered by the solution. Post three months of this pilot implementation, the management was happy with the results obtained; even more impactful was the response obtained from the actual users of the platform on site. Their thorough participation provided immense support in the realisation of this venture.

Nikhil Shah of the Bakeri Group comments,

“VisiLean is an excellent way to bring everything and everyone on the same page. It has made coordinating different activities extremely convenient which otherwise, was always an issue on large construction projects along with ensuring efficient use of resources. Moreover, the 360-degree view of different aspects of the project that it is giving to senior management is invaluable.”

The Bakeri Group has signed up VisiLean for one of their prime residential projects in Ahmedabad, establishing the beginning of a promising relationship between the companies. Bakeri is also looking at including VisiLean for their new projects in the pipeline, especially with a keen interest in exploring complete integration of BIM with production management on site; the core expertise of VisiLean.

The success of this collaboration is not just in terms of a new Client for the team at VisiLean; Dr. Bhargav Dave, Founder and CEO of VisiLean Ltd., states,

“This is a very special relationship for us given the respect the Bakeri Group rightly commands in the market. This has been made further significant given the fact that the VisiLean team were able to work with Bakeri project teams at the ground level, enabling them to see the need to adopt digital construction management practices through our award-winning platform”.

VisiLean Solution

VisiLean is a Lean Collaborative Project Planning & BIM Solution that not only provides standard top down planning but is driven by a digital Last Planner System®, replacing all whiteboards and manually driven sticky-note sessions. The weekly collaborative planning sessions now allow the Bakeri Group project teams to really lookahead and be more proactive, and hence, more productive.