ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC. (ALEC) has signed an enterprise agreement with VisiLean to strengthen its position as an innovative construction leader in UAE and to ensure partnership with one of the best software solutions available.

ALEC has entered into an enterprise agreement for five of its current projects, with the intention to roll out on all new projects. ALEC spent approximately 18 months researching the market and visiting companies in the UK, Middle East and Singapore to find the best solution to accommodate its needs in UAE, given the scale and the complexity of its portfolio. 

ALEC’s commitment to innovation has enabled it to embrace the recent changes in the Global Construction Market by partnering with best solutions available. Whilst lean construction is not a new concept, the recent advancements in software solutions prove VisiLean to make a measurable improvement in the way ALEC delivers its world class projects. 

VisiLean was one of many systems ALEC had tested to help the business in driving productivity forward. After a successful pilot of the software, Kieren Hunt, Company Planning Manager for ALEC, said,

“The ability to get real time accurate updates coming back from the project team is giving us a level of communication and collaboration we have not experienced before. We were always collecting data but it was from multiple sources and formats. We can now spend more time using the data from this single source to produce far more accurate look ahead programmes in order to push the works and the productivity on site”.

VisiLean Soltuion

VisiLean is a Lean Collaborative Project Planning & BIM Solution that not only provides standard top down planning but is driven by a digital Last Planner System®, replacing all whiteboards and sticky note sessions. The weekly collaborative planning sessions now allow ALEC project teams to really lookahead and be more proactive.

The tool also enables real-time tracking of construction activities through a handy Mobile App and live Dashboard, bridging the much talked about gap between the field and the office.

Dr. Bhargav Dave, CEO of VisiLean comments; 

“We are excited to work with a visionary organisation such as ALEC. It is reassuring to find a partner who is equally passionate and motivated towards addressing our industry’s challenges. We hope for a fruitful relationship.”