Lean 4D with VisiLean

Lean 4D with visilean

Lean 4D is an extension of 3D with the time included in addition to the other three dimensions. Our Lean 4D helps all the project participants including the architects, contractors and the owners to visualise the complete process of construction and understand the progress of activities throughout the lifecycle of the project.
With model on the top and schedule in the bottom (4D view) allows the construction workers to visualise their assigned work for the upcoming/current week and let’s transit back and forth with respect to time. It helps them to explore production planning and also assess the impact of proposed design on construction schedule and work process.
Lean 4D acts as a powerful communication tool between the project team and clients, resulting in better understanding of project milestones and improved production plans.
For sure the delays and reworks are minimized as the project managers can carefully plan and manage production operations down to the last detail both in time and space. All the elements are collaborated onscreen and thus teams can improve accuracy in making things ready.
It helps them to be more efficient, saving time throughout the entire project lifecycle. The whole concept relates to the visual concept of production planning, monitoring and control.