VisiLean elevates Construction Management for SMEs

VisiLean: Construction Project Management Solution for SMEs
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VisiLean elevates Construction Management for SMEs

In the fast-paced world of construction, staying ahead is not just a choice but a necessity. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction industry often fall behind in technological adoption as compared to their counterparts. From budget constraints to the absence of dedicated IT support teams, these factors can affect the perception, investment, usage, and preference of software in SME construction projects. It can lead to inefficiencies in the construction projects which will in turn increase the overall cost in the long run.

An absence of complete information about the investment in digital construction and its return on investment will make it challenging to survive in an ever-evolving construction landscape. Plus, this resistance to adapt to new tools and practices will directly hamper the execution of the project. This is where VisiLean steps in, offering an innovative solution that empowers SMEs to meet client expectations, eliminate waste, and take control of their projects like never before.

Seamless Connectivity on Projects- Anytime and Anywhere

The UK construction sector has recognised at least 99.9% of firms as SMEs. Amidst existing cut-throat competition, having an A-game in your construction management is the need of the hour! VisiLean is your gateway for streamlined project management operations anytime and anywhere. With our powerful onsite tool, LiveSite your assigned tasks are neatly and concisely stacked for simplified address.

VisiLean elevates Construction Management for SMEs 

At VisiLean, we support continuity in your work irrespective of your project site location. Our offsite version keeps your progression of the project in track even in the trenches or a remote location so that you are always in the loop. Mark your tasks after completion and VisiLean will auto update it with your project plan when you are in secured internet connection. This functionality becomes useful in collaborating with your team and making informed decisions for execution of tasks without worrying about connectivity issues.

Embedded Support for Success

An absence of a dedicated IT support team should not prevent you from holistic performance in your construction projects. At VisiLean, we understand this and go the extra mile to bridge the gap from managing your processes to tracking the project progress. Our dedicated support team becomes an integral part of your execution workflows and then takes it to the next level with your upcoming projects. We handhold you, as well as your vendors and consultants through the technical aspects in terms of using the software. Then we ensure that you have the support you need when you need it. With VisiLean, you can focus on what you do best – managing your project – while we take care of the technicalities. 
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Streamlining Efficiency and Eliminating Waste

Construction projects often have the chief attributes of tight budgets and delayed timelines. Every day and every resource counts. VisiLean helps you identify and eliminate non-value-adding steps in your supply flow through the effective mapping of your value stream. By reducing waste from your construction processes, you can optimise your project’s efficiency and ensure that it stays on track. Implementing a continuous flow is the key to saving both time and money spent on reworks. In an industry where overruns can be detrimental, VisiLean empowers you to stay within budget.

Taking Control with Auto-Generated Reports

Sifting through piles of paperwork or spending hours compiling reports must be so time-consuming! In addition to that, gathering scattered data across spreadsheets and communication groups for manual report creation is tiring. But, with VisiLean, you have information about the onsite progression of the project at your fingertips through our mobile app, LiveSite. So, generating daily progress reports and other dashboards are only a few clicks away on the VisiLean platform! These reports allow you to make data-driven decisions and keep your project on the path to success. Project control has never been made this easy! 
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Performance Metrics for Continuous Improvement

To succeed in projects, you need to measure the performance at construction sites anytime and anywhere. VisiLean enables you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your project on a single-page dashboard. These KPIs provide valuable insights into the progress of construction tasks and areas that may require improvement in real-time. VisiLean is integrated with Microsoft PowerBi which means you can visualise your project’s performance data through pictorial charts, bars, and diagrams on a single platform. Such insights can help you reduce defects in your construction projects by upto 60%. All in all, it’s easier to comprehend and track your project’s success thereby making conscious decisions for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, VisiLean is not just a tool; it’s a transmuting solution for SMEs in the construction industry. With offline capabilities, dedicated support, waste elimination, auto-generated reports, and performance metrics, VisiLean empowers you to not only meet client expectations but exceed them. Take control of your construction projects and stay ahead of the competition with VisiLean by your side. Success is within reach – embrace it today!

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