The biggest waste in Construction – Reporting

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The biggest waste in Construction – Reporting

How does your site communicate to the project office? Let me guess; you generate construction reports – reports of all types and formats. From site diaries, daily progress reports, updating spreadsheets on a daily basis, eventually generating hundreds of reports for every single project.   

The Construction Reporting Quicksand  

A typical day at the job site is spent filling manual reports – be it safety check lists, quality checklists, attendance punch list, pour cards etc, and filing & sorting them to be submitted to the lead site engineer who then must check & compile them into respective reports. These are then pushed to the construction project manager, who develops consolidated weekly and monthly reports for meetings with the management and the client.  

Are you a part of this grind? 

The waste is evident; there are burning site issues and planning that require immediate attention, but left unattended, because you are too busy trying to pass through hoops to get that information to the relevant person. The repercussions are clear – the knock-on effect of the hold-up on subsequent activities leads to absolute chaos on-site, putting the project progress at risk.

Let’s make some Calls 

Is your phone constantly buzzing with updates from site? The first few calls might have your attention; fourth call onwards you are deep in the middle of your work and the phone continues to buzz with issues that need your attention – It is impossible at this point to coordinate efficiently.  

If you feel like throwing away your phone halfway through your day, there is something fundamentally wrong with the process. What is worse is if you are getting these updates through text messages or Whatsapp notifications, flooding you with an overload of unfiltered information. 

This is not Sustainable 

While this may seem normal on a day-to-day basis, it is evident that a process like this is not healthy and evidently not sustainable in the long run for a construction project. While you might be handling one construction job today, you might be responsible for 10 different construction jobs across the country tomorrow. Will you still be on top of your management game? 

It is important to note that 50% of rework on construction projects is caused by inaccurate information and poor communication. 

How? Picture this; a small hold-up leads to teams wasting quality time sitting idle at site, either waiting for material, or instructions from the office on the way forward. The work piles up and no one has any clue what needs to be done; all of this while the rest of the team is still trying to “report” the information to the person responsible. 

Where is the Record? 

Can you really go through multiple phone calls, emails, and Whatsapp groups at the end of the day to come up with any evidence for root-cause analysis? How are we ever going to learn from our breakdowns without a clear trail of evidence defining the situation and supporting the steps taken for resolution? 

By simply changing the way your teams provide you with updates on work progress, you could reduce considerable wastes in your construction management processes

The Solution is Simple

With a keen focus on bridging the gap between the construction site and the office, VisiLean is a construction project planning, scheduling and monitoring software designed to improve the communication between teams across the project.  

With LiveSite, VisiLean’s construction project app for job site, the teams on-site can raise an alert and notify the site manager and the office staff about a particular issue, with all the details and photographic evidence as well, ensuring the right information has gone to the right people at the click of a button.

LiveSite -Construction app facilitating real-time reporting

What’s more? The teams dependent on this job to complete to begin their work are also notified that there’s a hold-up under resolution right now, allowing the package managers to efficiently plan out their resources based on the information provided. 

Daily progress reporting enhancing your construction management process

The last thing you want to do at the end of a long day at site is to go through multiple sources to fill a spreadsheet with the day’s work to generate several construction project reports. With VisiLean, your daily progress report is auto-generated by the system based on the updates provided by your teams on-site. With VisiLean optimise your construction management processes.

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