Construction Simplified

A tech start up operating out of 3 locations, VisiLean is the only such service that offers the direct integration of the collaborative planning workflow with BIM

Addressing the core

The heart of production is the execution at the job site, that forms the Core of a Construction project. This is surrounded by the secondary systems, like the HR & Admin, Procurement, Design, Safety, Inventory etc.

We at VisiLean strive to address this ‘Core’ of production, and the issues related to this core, by integrating with the peripheral systems in a dynamic collaborative setting. Our aim is to provide a Visual-Lean production planning platform, for optimizing the overall production process.

Our collaborative setting facilitates smooth workflows, reduces wastes in production, and ensures value by maximining integration between the core and the project systems.

Research seeds planted 

A group of Researchers with the aim to facilitate collaborative workflows, work on a Visual Lean production management system


First pilot with Highways England

VisiLean prototype was successfully implemented on the Highways England Project


Secured a commercializa-tion grant

Our efforts recognized. We gained funding from Finland’s New Business, Research Ideas program


VisiLean Oy founded as a Company

Visilean Oy founded. Its headquarters in Helsinki with offices in India & London with 10+ employees


First commercial customer

We set up our Technical development team in 2016 and had our First commercial customer in 2017


MACE Publishes Case study

Lean- BIM implemented Case study constituting highly modular off-site production.


VisiLean wins Innovation of the Year

Innovation of the Year award for BIM & Project Planning Solutions at the Construction Computing, London.



WINNER – CCA Innovation of the Year

Won the Construction Computing Awards (The Hammers 2019) for BIM & Project Planning Solution

FINALIST - Off-Site Awards 2020

Nominated in category for BIM/Digital Constructuon Award. Ground-breaking work with Mace for digitalizing contruction

SELECTED – UrbanTech

With “Accelerating the development of sustainable cities” program, a fast solution for construction management

SELECTED - One of the 9 Innovations

Picked as an exceptional entrepreneur re-imaging and re-shaping the relationships between space, people.....

SELECTED – FK Accelerate

As part of the “Built for Innovation” program and chance to innovate the building and construction sectors

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Man-hours saved

5000 +

Weekly meetings supported

50000 +

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