The current construction industry tries to break free from the traditional methods of planning, scheduling and execution that focuses on CPM (Critical Path Method) and tries to implement Lean and the last planner system. As we can observe that the conventional techniques have led to cost and time overruns.

The whole concept of the last planner system relies on a few essential factors like collaboration, commitments and bottom-up planning. The collaboration has its benefits, offers flexibility and helps teams to get free from the current push approach that leads to delays.

Join us to get insights into the collaborative planning and how VisiLean digitally manages this by considering both approaches, i.e. top-down and bottom-up.

Your Host

Sebastien Simpson

Business Development Manager


Things you will learn:

  • Production planning and control- Traditional and Lean way.
  • Features of Production management system
  • Introduction to Collaborative Planning-Last Planner System (LPS)
  • Introducing VisiLean as a digital platform for collaborative planning.

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