Tackling the uncertain production problems may become rather difficult when the information is fragmented across the project team. Traditional information systems on construction projects tend to be reactive in nature, which means that there is a latency between construction site and offices.

Therefore, getting real-time information from the single source of truth becomes essential for informed decision making. Importantly the very source of the information would be the place where the production is taking place i.e. construction sites.

There are opportunities through digital systems to enable real-time capture of production information directly on construction sites enabling proactive project control. While digitization in general can provide such opportunities, traditional processes in construction are a major hindrance to their implementation, hence there is a need to integrate people, processes and technology simultaneously. Here, Visilean offers Integration of Lean Construction processes and Building Information Systems through digital means which provides an opportunity for construction teams to truly leverage real-time data in a proactive way and improve production efficiencies significantly.

Your Host

Sebastien Simpson

Business Development Manager


Things you will learn:

  • What is digital site
  • Issues with the current construction system.
  • VisiLean as a digital platform for site management.

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