The Top 10 Criteria for Choosing the Best Construction Management Software

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The Top 10 Criteria for Choosing the Best Construction Management Software

Construction management is a daunting process. The timelines, budgets, scheduling, communication, decision-making, analytics, various stakeholders; there are quite a lot of things that have to be managed effectively for the successful completion of a project. This is where an effective construction project management system comes into play. And needless to say, it increases the potential for successful project completion manifold.

With the arrival of the digital era, the construction industry has embraced technology to maximise its benefits. The best construction project management software is one that can streamline processes, and allow you to stay on the top of the construction industry game. In our article Digitalisation: 5 Key factors for transforming project delivery we discuss how VisiLean harnesses various aspects of Lean Construction and integrates them within a digital platform for construction projects.

So, how does one decide on which software to select?

To select the right construction management software, you need to have a clear understanding of your requirements and the challenges you face. Once you have assessed these, you have to look for construction management software that aligns with your goals. Further to this, you have to ensure that the construction management software is capable of meeting these 10 strategic criteria.

          – Keeping it simple
          – Collaboration
          – Task management
          – Real Time Reporting
          – Reporting
          – Data analytics & dashboards
          – Customisation
          – Scalability
          – Security
          – Post sales support

1 – Keeping it simple

An ideal construction management software solution has to have the end-user in mind. The software has to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. It should be something that the stakeholders can understand and work with effectively from day 1. The best construction management software is one that promotes a systematic approach to solving the issues at hand. Integrated cloud-based software will help construction project managers to manage every aspect from construction documentation management through resources and material management to project delivery quickly.

Advantage Visilean

VisiLean is a cloud-based platform that is easy to use and allows for effective collaboration between stakeholders. This implies that product and process design are developed in sync, ensuring reduced rework during later stages of project delivery. And what’s more, VisiLean’s Mobile app packs the punch too!

Check out the main features of VisiLean here

2 – Collaboration

When it comes to the construction industry, true collaboration can enhance productivity and reduce costs. However, even today, our industry is a very fragmented one. When construction management software comes into play, the collaboration becomes stronger, the communication becomes easier and the stakeholders can achieve their goals, deliver on time and save on the estimated costs.

Advantage VisiLean

3 – Task management

One of the core functions, task management, allows you to monitor your tasks from start to finish. When you break down a project into simpler tasks, it makes your work more efficient, organised and easy to manage.

Advantage VisiLean

At VisiLean, we ensure that your tasks are streamlined and organised effectively. From the Gantt view that starts the process, to the Scheduler that converts every task into the digital tickets, VisiLean allows for easier task management. From master scheduling to micro-scheduling – everything is managed on a single platform making it all easy for each stakeholder involved. VisiLean is a perfect solution as a contractor management platform too.

4 – Real-Time Reporting

Inaccurate or delayed data can cause any construction project to go past its deadline or go over budget – or both. This has given rise to the use of real-time data. It gives the stakeholders control over what is happening.

Advantage VisiLean

VisiLean is a cloud-based platform that prides itself on the accuracy of collecting and updating real-time data. This serves to ensure that there is visibility into the issues that crop up at the construction site, and in the other allied areas.

5 – Reporting

According to KPMG’s Project Advisory Leadership series, projects fail for many reasons – and one contributing factor can be ineffective project reporting systems. Major projects need a project management solution that incorporates the needs of budgeting, documenting, scheduling and management.

Advantage VisiLean

VisiLean is transparent and accurate – has clearly defined objectives and purposes to achieve that align with the client goals. It brings construction budgeting, document management, contractor scheduling as well as construction management solutions in one place. Instead of long wordy reports, the representative charts speak volumes. VisiLean also generates multiple reports that allows you to know the progress on a daily basis. To know more about VisiLean helps you keep track of reporting click here

6 – Data analytics & dashboards

Construction sites generate a huge amount of data. They include design and BIM data, accounting data, project management data, and contractor management data. Projects depend heavily on dashboards to track and analyse the progress and performances. It becomes important that this data can be customised and accessed in real-time to ensure efficiency. A smart construction management software depends on this data to improve the worksite process and productivity. It should be able to help bring out the most cost effective solutions too.

Advantage VisiLean

VisiLean’s dashboard view is one-of-a-kind solution for tracking, monitoring and reviewing your projects from a single platform, anywhere across the world. Capturing data and learning is vital for successful construction project management. With our live integration with Microsoft Power BI, you can use all the data captured on VisiLean to create your own custom dashboard. Add to it the live updates being sent directly to you it becomes easy to integrate and read data sets for project management. Here’s a detailed look at how VisiLean’s interactive dashboard helps you.

7 – Customisation

From residential construction management software to commercial and utilities, the scope is very vast. And one model does not fit all. The best construction management software, therefore has to be customisable and can be configured according to the need.

Advantage VisiLean

At VisiLean, we depend on feedback to improvise and customise it. This highly flexible cloud-based platform goes through many iterations to meet the client’s needs.

8 – Scalability

When you invest in software one of the key concerns is scalability. Can it take your exponential growth without major upgrades? Always go in with one that can support your growing requirements.

Advantage VisiLean

The technology, the look and feel and the adaptability of VisiLean are tremendous. We can customise and upgrade our capabilities on par with the requirements that our clients may have. Be it one project or a dozen, VisiLean can scale up as per your demands.

9 – Security

In the internet era, data security plays an important role. If your data is not secure, the integrity of your project comes under the scanner. Ensure there are enough safeguards in place when you invest in your construction management software.

Advantage VisiLean

VisiLean is cloud-based software, and we take utmost care in ensuring the safety of your data. We have the proper encryption in place to ensure a seamless working environment.

10 – Post-Sales Support

When you choose construction management software, you need to ensure that you get support at every stage. There are iterations that can enhance the product. Often, this is not the case.

Advantage VisiLean

Feedback has played an important role in building VisiLean as a product. We listen to you patiently, take your feedback creatively, and work on improving the product. We build a mutually beneficial relationship. Our efficient support team is made up of professionals who have a vast and solid base in the AEC industry.

Way forward

At its core, VisiLean strives to address issues related to construction management by integrating with the peripheral systems in a dynamic collaborative setting. This collaborative setting facilitates smooth workflows, reduces wastes in production, and ensures value by maximising integration between the core and the project systems. It provides end-to-end solutions to the stakeholders.

To know more about VisiLean’s features, click here and to try it for free click here.

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VisiLean had a transformative year in 2023, marked by significant achievements and milestones. We made strides in enhancing our construction management solution through embedded reports on the mobile app LiveSite, integrated with Procore for document management, and introduced Takt Visualiser, which solidified VisiLean's commitment to lean principles. The collaboration with NICMAR University in India furthered research in Lean construction and BIM, while the participation in events like Digital Construction Week and presenting our research paper at IGLC 2023 showcased VisiLean's thought leadership in the industry. This year culminated with the celebrations of VisiLean's Foundation Day, setting the stage for continued innovation and collaboration in 2024.
Construction industry's future is here! AI empowers teams, integrated systems unify data, & sustainability takes centre stage. Discover how construction trends of 2024 & VisiLean can streamline your projects & build a greener future.

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Enter your details and we will be in touch to schedule a short meeting and demo of VisiLean. During your demo, we will explain are different product offerings, how the software works and how it can be tailored to your project. After this, you will be able to start your fully-fledged 30-day trial. We have comprehensive how-to guides and dedicated customer support to make the switch to VisiLean as easy as possible.

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