Implenia – VisiLean – Press release


Implenia – VisiLean – Press release

Construction has greatly evolved over the last couple of decades. Projects are more complex than ever before, with teams pushing the boundaries of design and engineering with each new endeavour. With innovation comes complexity for which conventional methods are starting to prove inefficient.

So how do you ensure that everyone has the same information at the same time? How do you reduce waste, increase productivity, and ultimately deliver on time and within budget? These are the questions Implenia Norway and Finnish VisiLean will answer. Together they are on a journey to digitise the planning at Implenia Norway in a way that has never been seen before.

To keep up with innovation in the market, Implenia Norway has deployed the Last Planner® System as part of its planning processes along with VisiLean, a cloud-based construction management platform. This will ensure their projects break the typical inefficiencies plaguing the industry.

VisiLean for Lean-BIM Integrated Production Management

VisiLean’s unparalleled integration with BIM is allowing Implenia Norway to visualise their production plans and live updates on-site on a Live 4D model, and manage the work to be executed.

“The feedback, Implenia Norway has received from the project is that moving to VisiLean has been seamless and the benefits instant. The project management process has become smoother – and the timing could not have been better as we were suddenly hit by the pandemic,”

Ahmed Rashid, Head of Planning at Implenia Norway.

This platform makes it easier for the project teams to communicate and work transparently, meaning that the whole team can update the project simultaneously and all the information is at the touch of a button.

“When the employees of Implenia Norway had to communicate more on digital platforms, VisiLean made the process simple. It allowed everyone to give updates to the cloud during meetings, while also seeing changes made by others.”

“Not only did it help on-site, but it also gave us the possibility to communicate our planning more effectively with our joint venture partners in Spain, France and Germany”

Ahmed Rashid, Head of Planning at Implenia Norway.

Designing the Platform Together

Whilst most systems are off the shelf, VisiLean and Implenia Norway decided to collaborate to optimise the platform and adapt to Implenia’s needs allowing them to revolutionise the way they work.

“Having access to VisiLean’s product developers has created both trust and efficiency. They fully understand our needs and have delivered on our vision of utilising technology that changes how we work for the better. One of our wishes was to have a tool that could help us more with our lookahead planning (constraint analysis). It helps us to work in a structured and systematic manner. VisiLean provided us with the perfect tool. As a team, we can look ahead at plans and tasks and deal with any constraints before execution in a more structured way. This process allows us to become more efficient than ever before.”

Ahmed Rashid, Head of Planning at Implenia Norway.

“It has been inspiring to see how well we have collaborated, and that together we have created a system that helps our teams in everyday life. This is a product that both Implenia Norway and VisiLean are proud of. It proves that technology can make a huge difference to the efficiency of a project”, says, COO of VisiLean,.

Martin Zilliacus, COO at VisiLean Ltd.

Smooth Integration with Project Management on the Fornebubanen

Implenia Norway has used the Last Planner® System on previous projects including Fornebubanen, a full BIM modeling project.

VisiLean’s unique integration with BIM will now allow Implenia Norway to visualise their production plans and live updates on mobile devices, amongst other things. This ensures the teams both in the office and on the ground can keep ahead of changes, progress, and issues in real-time.

In this way, VisiLean fits seamlessly to Implenia Norway’s strategy of comprehensive, complex infrastructure projects with a great focus on sustainability and new technology.

“This project is just the start of our journey together. Implenia Norway has a vision to fully digitalise its projects to create a working environment that is both efficient and effective. At VisiLean we share this vision and that is what makes this partnership so exciting moving forward.”

Martin Zilliacus, COO at VisiLean Ltd.

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VisiLean is an innovative cloud-based production management service for the construction industry. Developed from the ground up as a system for construction professionals and workers, it supports synchronous visualisation of process and product. It is the only product in the construction sector that provides a production management workflow integrated with BIM.

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As Switzerland’s leading construction and real estate service provider, Implenia develops and builds homes, workplaces, and infrastructure for future generations in Switzerland and Germany. It also plans and builds complex infrastructure projects in Austria, France, Sweden, and Norway. Formed in 2006, the company can look back on around 150 years of construction tradition. The company brings together the know-how of its highly skilled consulting, planning and execution units under the umbrella of an integrated leading multinational construction and real estate service provider. Implenia, with its headquarters in Opfikon near Zurich, employs more than 8,500 people in Europe and posted revenue of almost CHF 4 billion in 2020. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (IMPN, CH0023868554). 

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This project is just the start of our journey together. Implenia Norway has a vision to fully digitalise its projects to create a working environment that is both efficient and effective. At VisiLean we share this vision and that is what makes this partnership so exciting moving forward.
Martin Zilliacus, COO at VisiLean Ltd.

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Data centre construction faces numerous challenges – high costs, complex coordination, and environmental impact. This blog explores 7 hurdles project teams encounter and how VisiLean's construction management software equips them to overcome them. VisiLean addresses these challenges through lean construction principles, collaborative planning tools, and sustainable practices. This will empower the trades to deliver successful data centres on time, within budget, and sustainably.
VisiLean had a transformative year in 2023, marked by significant achievements and milestones. We made strides in enhancing our construction management solution through embedded reports on the mobile app LiveSite, integrated with Procore for document management, and introduced Takt Visualiser, which solidified VisiLean's commitment to lean principles. The collaboration with NICMAR University in India furthered research in Lean construction and BIM, while the participation in events like Digital Construction Week and presenting our research paper at IGLC 2023 showcased VisiLean's thought leadership in the industry. This year culminated with the celebrations of VisiLean's Foundation Day, setting the stage for continued innovation and collaboration in 2024.

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