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To maximise airline revenues and airport reputation, one needs to understand and minimize any disruptions, delays or negative impacts on the passenger experience. It’s a careful balancing act. For this, Mace, one of the leading contractors in the UK, is appointed to provide consultancy, logistics and contracting services to deliver the various projects across Heathrow Airport. Watch the following video to get an idea of the magnitude of the work that was done.

As part of Heathrow’s expansion, VisiLean has been deployed by Mace across the airport to help drive their PPCS (Production Planning and Control System) process towards efficient, safe, and timely delivery of these projects. These projects range from improved Cargo Management and Security Upgrades to introducing new air bridges and Balcony areas within Terminals T1, T3, and T5.

The challenges

  • The labour-intensive manual process leads to poor coordination
  • Limited collaboration between the Mace team and suppliers
  • Multiple tools creating non-value-adding work for the project team
  • 20 hours spent per week on planning and review process

The Solution

  • VisiLean facilitated a unified platform for the supply chain, successfully piloted across 2-14 projects within six months.
  • The VisiLean team closely collaborated with on-site teams to define and align processes with tools, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Implementation of standard processes across projects streamlined operations, easily adaptable for subcontractors.
  • VisiLean served as the single source of truth, integrating the master P6® plan with production-level plans from suppliers.
  • The team mapped over 20 constraints weekly, including approvals, design, RAMs, and manpower, optimizing lookahead planning processes.

The Achievements

  • Improved Work Clarity: Implementation of VisiLean resulted in enhanced clarity in work processes, reducing ambiguity and increasing efficiency.
  • Elimination of Variability: VisiLean eradicated variability in operations, ensuring consistent performance and outcomes across tasks.
  • Reduction of Paper Usage: The transition to VisiLean eliminated the need for extensive paper documentation, promoting environmental sustainability and organisational efficiency.
  • Streamlined Planning Process: VisiLean streamlined the planning process, facilitating a smooth flow of information and enhancing coordination among project teams.
  • Enhanced Project Control: Real-time updates provided by VisiLean empowered project managers with better control and oversight, leading to improved decision-making.
  • Significant Time Savings: Implementation of VisiLean led to a notable reduction in task completion time, with hours reduced from 20 to 8, showcasing increased productivity and efficiency.


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