VisiLean has launched a 6-part Webinar Series on Digitalising Construction Project Management. The series will go in-depth of what it means to digitalise in terms of construction management, its relevance in the current industry scenario, and the best practices that you can adopt for successful transitioning. 


Digitalisation, in the current scenario, is more of a necessity than a choice. But what is more important is to ensure that you transition in the right manner; there is no point in technological implementation without aligning your teams and processes as well.

Digitalising Construction Project Management with VisiLean

VisiLean helps clients of the AEC industry to improve their ability to plan, manage, as well as track their projects on a real-time basis. VisiLean is an agile and secure way to exchange information digitally. The system offers live monitoring and tracking of activities on-site, thereby generating a dynamic dashboard offering real-time project health checks, such as Percentage Plan Complete, List of delayed, stopped and completed tasks, Daily Progress Reports (DPR) and many more. These reports are customisable as per your requirement.

Incorporating the Last Planner® System, VisiLean enables realistic commitment-based planning for project execution. With informative updates coming live from the site team using the VisiLean mobile app, the planning team can flexibly plan, collaborating over decisions to adapt to changes during execution. This tracking also helps the team to be informed on issues immediately, avoiding latency commonly observed.

Integration of BIM on the platform enables linking of activities to the 3D project model elements, thereby enabling real-time 4D visualisation. This way, teams can now visualise the status of activities directly on the BIM model, whether in the execution week or the look-ahead period. This way, VisiLean integrated BIM with Lean production planning.


Sebastien Simpson

Business Development Manager


We will be hosting a webinar each week, effectively culminating in the first week of May. With each week, we will be covering various aspects of this digital transformation; the principles behind it, its application on construction projects, and how VisiLean enables this for you as integral participants of the construction.

Session – I

Digitalising Construction Project Management with VisiLean

March 31, 2020

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Session – II

Aligning Technology with Lean Processes

April 7, 2020

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Session – III

Production Planning on VisiLean


April 14, 2020

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Session – IV

Production Management on VisiLean

April 21, 2020

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Session – V

Lean-BIM Integration on VisiLean


April 28, 2020

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Session – VI

Progress Visualisation on VisiLean


May 05, 2020

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Each Webinar will have a dedicated slot for Q&A, where we will be addressing your queries and concerns. Following the principles of our system, our webinars too are based on true collaboration!

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