Session – II Overview

The Digital Revival of Construction

There has been a lot of talk recently about digitisation, digitalisation, modularisation, technological innovation, and so on. There are buzz words like Construction 4.0 circulating across the industry as well. While this might seem exciting to some, it can also prove to be very overwhelming for others in the industry.

With this second Session, we bring you some expert insight on these upcoming industry trends. The focus is to breakdown the buzz for you to clearly highlight what it entails to digitalise, its relevance to you and your projects, and the steps that you can take today, to start your journey towards a leaner, value-generating workflow supported by digital tools and practices..

Series Host

Sebastien Simpson

BD Manager

VisiLean Webinar Series – II | The Digital Revival of Construction


COVID-19 has disturbed the industry globally, drastically altering our existing workflows for project delivery. Conventional practices of construction management and increasing team output do not apply in most cases anymore.
The major impact of this global pandemic on the industry is the limitations now offered by our existing practices. Our workflows are primarily manual in nature, with a lot of physical involvement of teams. Though in principle, actual construction work needs to be executed by hands on-site, there is a whole journey leading up to and from that moment that can surely cut down on some of these interactions.

It is evident that as an industry, there is a clear requirement of digitalising our processes to minimise physical involvement and manual intervention to simplify work, have clear flow in processes, and minimise wastage in terms of challenges offered by the present global situation.

With this second series of Webinars with VisiLean, we bring to you the Digital Revival of Construction; the new digital-era unfolding in front of our industry amidst recovering from the impact of COVID-19


With Series – I, we touched base on what entails to digitalise and its relevance in the present scenario. Now with Series – II, we take this exploration forward by diving deep into the critical factors that the industry must address, mistakes we must avoid, and the upcoming industry trends that are going to drive this digitalisation forward.


Webinar Series - II

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Session – II

The Digital Revival of Construction


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