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VisiLean was one of the first to pioneer Lean and BIM integration in a construction management system through our ground-breaking research

VisiLean is proud to announce that we are now part of the CCS G-Cloud 12 Framework as a pre-approved vendor.

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VisiLean has been nominated for our ground-breaking work with Mace Ireland for Digitalisation of Modular Construction.

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VisiLean has been featured in the Mind-the-Brdige Must-Watch EU Scaleup list for Construction

VisiLean has developed a radical enhancement that now allows you to plan and track the on-site workforce to ensure safe practices while operating sites during COVID.

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VisiLean is proud to announce that we have won the Innovation of the Year award for BIM and Project Planning Solutions at the Construction Computing Awards held in London.

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ALEC has signed an enterprise agreement with VisiLean to ensure partnership with one of the best construction management solutions available.

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The Bakeri Group has signed up VisiLean Ltd. as their preferred solution for construction project management.

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Improve Productivity through
seamless Communication

One-stop Solution to Collaborate digitally from
anywhere across the globe


Connecting Everyone

VisiLean becomes the core of a company’s Project Management function as it records every action throughout the project for precise review

Execution Planning  

Integrated Design

Performance Review

Seamless Communication

Visilean is desgined to connect teams to achieve maximum productivity.

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VisiLean is an integrated platform connecting your project teams and data in real-time, from design through execution, supporting informed decision-making and leading to more predictable and profitable outcomes

“The ability to get real time accurate updates coming back from the project team is giving us a level of communication and collaboration we have not experienced before. We were always collecting data, but it was from multiple sources and formats. We can now spend more time using the data from this single source to produce far more accurate look ahead programmes in order to push the works and the productivity on site.” 

“Proven track record of saving over 43% in production time. It’s quick, simple and professional.Excellent customer service. The patience was just phenomenal and the service provided was above and beyond expectations. The Real time updates from the team helps us keep all our projects on track, additionally, the flexibility of formats for data collection has been an added bonus.” 


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Today, Visilean is the only such service that offers the direct
integration of the collaborative planning workflow with BIM.