An Integrated Lean and BIM Solution

VisiLean is a cloud based construction management service that supports lean production planning and control workflow and a direct integration with BIM (Building Information Model).

VisiLean supports the lean construction workflow by providing specifically designed modules that
support all phases of the pull production planning – including Phase, Lookahead (including
constraints management), and Weekly planning. VisiLean enables real-time tracking of these plans
through mobile apps and execution views, where crews can report back on progress and attach
photos and notes.

The web interface of Visilean has all the tools for setting up, tracking and managing your
construction project in a collaborative way.

The mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is the day-to-day personal tool for onsite use – it
provides foremen and workers with the personal to-do-list for the project and a convenient way of
reporting on task progress or sending alerts / notes on urgent issues.

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VisiLean benefits

Save time – in real time
Visilean provides you with the project and activities in real time – immediately when a task is
completed you are able to see the status change in the weekly overview. A document attached to
a task will be immediately available to the foreman or worker in the field. You will be able to take
action as soon as something significant happens and not after hour

Save effort
The plan and the actual situation are now in synch all the time. Everybody can focus on
the work itself and the necessary actions to take, not on updating spreadsheets or manual

Improve quality
Since you can retrieve reports on project progress and on the work quality of subcontractors, it
will be easy to compare performance (PPC, reasons for delays), and take necessary corrective
actions on this or subsequent projects. The core of lean construction is about constant learning
and Visilean will help you on that journey

Visual feedback
Visilean shows the project status using well known symbols and colours. A glance at the weekly
schedule will give you an overview of what is going on and what must be urgently addressed. BIM
now becomes a visual tool for everybody instead of technology for specialists.

Data crunching
Every single update of the project data is recorded. In this way Visilean creates a detailed
database of the project events, which then can be used for in-depth analyses and comparisons
between projects.

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