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Change Management – Managing Constant Revisions

Change Management

One thing that is common in all construction projects, irrespective of scope, size, or budget, is that all of them undergo numerous changes and revisions. With complexity and uncertainty synonymous to the industry, managing these changes through all the phases of the project becomes a very challenging process. What are these changes? Changes occur for […]

VisiLean approved for G-Cloud 12 Framework

Visilean approved for G-Cloud 12 Framework 2

VisiLean is proud to announce that we are now part of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 12 Framework as a pre-approved vendor for cloud-based computing services for customers in the UK public sector. As a cloud-based construction management solution, VisiLean is now verified and easily accessible to public sector customers undertaking construction projects in […]

Why we are still struggling to deliver projects in time

Banner image for blogpost - Why do project still continue to run into delays

Construction projects are complex in nature. At their very core are people, who drive the initiative towards its successful realisation; the ones who create the requirement, provide the capital, plan, design, build, and finally, operate the facility. The entire success of the project is centered around people working together with aligned interests in perfect sync. […]

Lean-BIM Integrated Modular Construction Case Study

Lean-BIM Integrated Modular Construction Case Study

Although the application of lean construction has been significantly increasing on projects, tools that support its implementation through continue to remain limited. Production continues to be significantly managed through disparate systems driven by manual workflows. Alignment of BIM with Lean practices Previous case studies have proven that the use of BIM with lean practices during […]

The Digital Revival of Construction – Upcoming Industry Trends

The Digital Revival of Construction

Going digital doesn’t necessarily mean your project site will be full of flying drones and robots walking around. In all probability, most sites will still look very much the same from the outside, as today
What will change with digitalisation, however, is the way information is transmitted across your teams, and how you use that to plan, monitor, and deliver your project!

Reviewing Status-quo | COVID outlook of the Industry

Banner_Reviewing Status-quo - COVID-19 outlook of the industry

COVID-19 has disturbed the industry globally, drastically altering our existing workflows for project delivery. Conventional practices of construction management and increasing team output do not apply in most cases anymore. Safety First Health and Safety guidelines, though always relevant and extremely important, have now taken a whole new meaning. New safety protocols for sites have […]

Enabling True Collaboration with VisiLean

VisiLean for all Project Stakeholders

Construction projects comprise of many stakeholders; from Clients who initiate the project and define the requirement, to Architects and Designers who give this vision a form, to finally all the expert Consultants and Contractors who help in the physical realisation of this vision. At VisiLean, we strive towards simplifying construction workflows – removing complications and […]

Digitalisation: 5 Key factors for transforming project delivery

Digitalisation: 5 Key factors for transforming project delivery

With everyone emphasising on the importance of digitalisation today, are we really sure of what it entails to successfully transition into a digital mode of construction project delivery? Challenging times for the industry Even before the global lockdown, the industry was feeling the pinch. Construction News posted an article stating 22 construction firms in the […]

Off-site Production Management with VisiLean

Off-site Production Management with VisiLean

Construction has taken a huge hit in the current global COVID – 19 scenario. Being a labour-intensive field traditionally, the restrictions imposed on mobility across the globe has positioned a huge speed-bump for the industry. Even with managing the safety of workers to site, social distancing norms make it extremely difficult to execute work as […]

Design Workflow on VisiLean

Design Workflow on VisiLean

Managing production on construction sites can be a huge challenge. With VisiLean implemented across many projects to improve efficiencies, we are excited to announce that VisiLean can now tackle design workflows as well, making it a truly integrated production management platform! Design Tasks Dedicated towards catering to design related activities for coordination between project teams, […]