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Managing Constraints, rather than Problems (Proactive vs Reactive approach)

Constraint Management with VisiLean

Anyone who has worked on a construction project knows about the constant “fire fighting” the team has to put up with. Every day brings new challenges posed through uncertainty that has seemingly emerged out of nowhere. However, the lean production principles and the method of “pull planning” teaches us that if we address the “constraints” […]

COVID-19: Managing Safe Distancing on-site

COVID-19: Managing Safe Distancing on-site

Amidst the chaos of COVID – 19 that has disrupted the entire world, construction has also been hit hard, with new challenges to continue work on-site. Majority of construction projects have been put on hold or are working with uncertainty due to the safe working guidelines imposed by several authorities globally. Safety vs Planning While […]

A note of care for the industry from VisiLean

Covid - 19

Covid-19 has created a global chaos, affecting lives of billions of people. While the construction industry certainly did not need a new challenge, it is undeniably having to deal with one. Construction projects are working at reduced capacity and majority of personnel are being forced to work from home. While many large organisations which already […]

ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC sign an Enterprise Agreement with VisiLean Ltd

ALEC Engineering and Contracting LLC. (ALEC) has signed an enterprise agreement with VisiLean to strengthen its position as an innovative construction leader in UAE and to ensure partnership with one of the best software solutions available. ALEC has entered into an enterprise agreement for five of its current projects, with the intention to roll out […]

VisiLean in focus in Sweden Presentation mode in daily use

In Sweden, on the Nykvarn project by BOX Bygg AB, VisiLean is used in Presentation Mode to project the current activities on a large screen in the site office. The project has installed dedicated equipment to display VisiLean to visualize real time updates on the site. All changes to activities from the mobile apps are […]