Award-winning Lean-BIM integrated system VisiLean at GeoSmart India

The infrastructure sector in India is booming and the spend on infrastructure alone is forecasted at $ 1.4 Trillion in the next 5 years. One of the key aspects of managing such large and complex projects is that of information flow, visualisation and delivery to the right people at the right time. Geoinformatics provides an excellent platform, and with the cutting edge tools developed in recent years, the acquisition of geographic information has become much more feasible. The integration of BIM along with the latest scanning technologies that enable reality capture before and during construction in order to deliver an accurate as-built model has the potential to reduce waste and improve efficiencies significantly.

The GeoSmart conference highlighted the capabilities of the tools and systems available for geoinformatics and BIM. It is clear that there is no shortage of tools available and technologies have advanced significantly. However, the key challenges lie in making appropriate use of the information to ensure efficient delivery of projects and smooth operations thereafter.

GeoSmart India 2019 Conference

GeoSmart India hosted the 20th edition of one of India’s largest conference on Geospatial and emerging technologies. The 3 days conference was organised at HICC Hyderabad, from the 3rd to 5th of December, earlier this month. The conference provided a platform for immersive sessions on digital cities, emerging technologies and much more.

VisiLean Presence

VisiLean CEO, Dr. Bhargav Dave, presented alongside various other delegates at the conference. His talk gave an insight into GeoSmart Construction and Infrastructure, and digital transformation through our award-winning Lean-BIM integrated system.