Scheduler In VisiLean

Scheduler in Visilean

Our scheduler view is one of a kind view that allows teams to refine their master level schedules into detailed schedules collaboratively.

This view automatically converts every task in the Gantt into the digital tickets.  Though these tickets are just digital representation of sticky notes, still they offer many details namely makeready details, locations, the quantum of work, notes, important reference files, history etc.

By providing access to the relevant work packages, scheduler view allows team members to elaborate their work plans during collaborative sessions. Later, teams can effectively conduct pull planning sessions by managing the workflow in weekly, lookahead and phase view in the alignment of the last planner workflow.

Instead of planning long range which usually leads to the delays and ad hoc work, it’s better to perform short term planning as extensive plans are just a forecast. Accordingly, the view has been designed to accommodate short-range planning, commitments and makeready process (removing constraints) before initiating any work.

From master scheduling to micro-scheduling – everything is managed on a single platform. Additionally, You can also track and manage the list of incomplete tasks directly from the same view!

Whether you want to plan your workflow by the teams or the locations, our adjustable views facilitate both. Each team or worker gets their own swimlane where they can visualise their tasks. It’s also possible to adjust the dates and duration as required. As a result, you can significantly minimise the coordination waste from your production plans with minimal process clashes.

The gateway to digital collaborative planning!