Gantt in VisiLean

VisiLean Gantt View

Visilean’s Gantt view is one of the most popular and simplified ways of showing activities (tasks or events) against time because of its uniqueness of visualising work status through colours. This view is developed in conjunction with the demands of construction managers, capturing what they want to see in the traditional Gantt. It’s an answer to getting real-time visibility and status of your multiple tasks in the same view.

Within our Gantt, you can easily import either basic/milestone level schedules or elaborated schedules from other systems such as Primavera™, MS Project™, Vico™, Synchro™, Asta PowerProject™ or create them from scratch in Visilean.

The significant benefit is that it retains all the activity names, duration, task dependencies and the location information through import. You can also import your project status, i.e. %complete from wherever you left tracking.

The elaborated plans can be easily created below the high-level schedules. The view also provides functionality to scale up or scale down the timescale on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The quantity tracking and update is the most crucial part of any project. Accordingly, our solution easily handles and projects data as per the daily progress. Moreover, we allow users to import the pre-planned quantities or define quantities in Gantt which can be updated based on the day-to-day execution using our mobile app.

The critical path and baseline allow you to easily monitor and track your actual progress with respect to planned work. This approach always keeps you informed about your current situation in a proactive manner. All the updates in our solution are synchronised within the view in real-time.

With our Gantt, let your schedules tell you the latest status of your project!