Enhanced table view

table view

VisiLean’s table view is a flexible, customisable grid view report that can serve many purposes and easily be exported as .csv format. The table view was developed as an answer to ever so popular spreadsheets which are endlessly customised to serve a variety of needs. Similarly, the table view can be customized to serve many different purposes, e.g. during the planning sessions to review planned vs actual dates, quantities, reasons for delays, etc. These reports are extensively being utilized on site either in print or digital version.

Given the popularity of the report, we have enhanced it further to improve functionality as well as productivity. The table view is now more dynamic as you can update tasks directly from the report as per the discussions during collaborative site/office meetings. The changes will get captured and reflected live throughout the entire system.

We recognise that each user may want to customise the column layout for a given scenario. The new functionality let’s user save 5 different configurations of table view layout that can be used for multiple functions such as reviewing a lookahead plan, review PPC or discuss the effectiveness of a milestone.

You can now track, review, update, analyse all in the same view.