Construction is seen as an industry where workers don’t have much freedom to influence the work that they carry out including the work methods, production schedule and the production rate. Last Planner introduced by Prof. Glenn Ballard attempts to overcome that challenge by involving the construction worker, a.k.a. the “Last Planner” in the planning, scheduling and the execution process. This method is sometimes also known as “collaborative planning”.

While collaborative planning brings the construction team together and improves trust, the tools that support it in the field are few and far between. Unfortunately, the workers still rely on post-it notes, excel spreadsheets or good old pen and paper when it comes to producing look-ahead, weekly or daily plans. In today’s construction site where most workers have a mobile device at hand, the industry seems to be missing a trick or two. One of the most powerful concept of lean production planning is increased communication between workers and faster planning cycles, increasing the resolution of planning. With mobile devices there is a real opportunity to harness this direct communication and provide interfaces through which workers will communicate directly with each other and update production schedule.

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VisiLean with its iOS and Android applications (available both in tablet and mobile formats) enables exactly this kind of communication and puts the power of information in the hands of construction workers. Gone are the days when workers had to travel back to the site office in order to get work instructions or to communicate the current work status. With the VisiLean app, the workers can easily get access to up-to-date task information, connected tasks, drawings, specifications and any notes that other workers or supervisors have provided. They can also update the task status from the field, ensuring the whole team will always have accurate and current production status, eliminating any latency in execution and planning.


VisiLean puts power in the hands of your construction teams, enabling the project managers and the head office to focus more on the value adding aspects. VisiLean gives you the unfair competitive advantage.